Integration workflows

There are two possible integration workflows with the supplier.


Dropshipping integration consists in directly shipping goods from the supplier of the Magento to the end customer.

Every time an order containing products from the supplier is payed, the system automatically creates an order to the supplier without any effort from the Magento administrator.

With Dropshipping integration products will be reserved when the order status become pending_payment (which corresponds to the phase between the placement of the order and the actual confirmation of the payment) and the single order will be automatically sent to the supplier with the shipping details of the customer to be shipped directly to.

Remote Supplier

Remote supplier integration consists in making a single big order from the supplier to the Magento owner, who will take care to ship goods to the final end customers.

This method needs some actions from the website admin in order to send the order to the supplier. This is made just by pressing the "Send Supplier Order" button from the "Booked Order" interface.

In order to track the statuses of the supplier orders, an additional column to the Order interface has been added which shows the supplier order status.

Possible statuses: