BrandsSync Configuration

If you have not installed the extension yet, please go to the Install Procedure page.

Before being able to use the BrandsSync extension you need to configure it properly.

Before installing the plugin you have to purchase the Dropshipping service from and get the API Key. The API Key is required to synchronize your data with the shop, you can find the API Key in your user profile, in My Subscriptions panel.

The BrandsSync configuration can be edited in the System -> Configuration -> BrandsSync -> General Settins page of the administration interface.


All product, category and pricing settings (if not specified) will be effective only on new products or reimport of existing products.


Configuration is divided into two sections:

Supplier Accesses

Note: All the attributes must been created/edited into the Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes. These attributes need to have scope Global, type Dropdown (except for barcode which needs to be TextField and Unique Value set to Yes) and must be included in the Default Attribute Set by Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attribute Sets and drag and drop the attributes by the right box to the related categories.

Price Increase Management