Install Procedure


BrandsSync 1.0.0 is designed and tested only with Magento 1.9.x.x. Magento 2.0 is NOT yet supported

After having purchased and downloaded BrandsSync plugin package you have to install it via Magento Connect.

From your Magento Admin area go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.


From Magento Connect Manager, in the section Direct package file upload choose the plugin .tgz file you have downloaded and press Upload.

After this, you will have your BrandsSync plugin installed in your Magento.

Cronjob setup

Be careful: BrandsSync Extension needs Magento cron to be configured and executed periodically via the operating system cron job management. In order to set up cron jobs refer to the official Magento setup guide at this link. We advise to set the cronjob at least every five minutes, this way the plugin will be faster while importing products from supplier.

Update Plugin

Installation & Upgrade via File upload

ADVICE: You may need to log out of the Magento admin and log back in to avoid permissions issues.

Installation & Upgrade via FTP

If direct package file upload is not available in Magento Connect Manager, you can perform the installation via FTP:

You should be able to use the BrandsSync extension

For more detailed instructons on how to install an extension manually via FTP, please see this resource